Wednesday, January 19, 2011

92nd Birthday Celebration

Yesterday I picked up Ted's Mom and went to a small park in downtown PA to celebrate her 92nd. birthday. Although I grew up in PA I had never gone to this particular park. Except for a horrible parallel parking job we had a great time, enjoying our goodies from Trader Joes and watching all the activity. I had made a quiche, but also picked up a ready made salad and some frozen treats called apple blossoms. They taste like mini apple pies in puff pastry. Teddie introduced them to us and they are WONDERFUL. The sun was blazing. In fact it was too hot for us in the sun, so we moved to a shaded area to eat. In one corner of the park there were 10 toddlers climbing and sliding down a five foot wide concrete slide. Grandma B thought it was a skateboard ramp, but since it ended in a sand pit we knew it was a slide. Mothers and nannies stood nearby. To our left college students were throwing frisbees. About 30 feet away some maintenance men were getting ready to trim a tree. Lots of ativity. Grandma seemed to enjoy it all. I was impressed with the fenced community garden plots which surrounded the area where we sat. It was a great little park. I'm not able to post any photos yet as I forgot my cable. Will try to get a new one.

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Waterspout said...

Thanks. Glad you had fun.

ted, The Old Man