Friday, May 1, 2009


The ACG is closed today as it is May Day. I'm not sure what they're celebrating, but we were told not to go downtown as there will be a major demonstration. This is normal for a holiday. Pool water has been between 69 - 70 all week due to a broken pipe. Things move slowly here so who knows when it will finally get fixed. I tried swimming one day, but my ears hurt like crazy after only 15 minutes. Hopefully it will get fixed soon. I miss swimming. Lots of overcast days... very unusual for this time of year.


Waterspout said...

Well I,m glad we came to the pool today. The temperature was no warmer, but with two hats your ears seemed warmer and you stayed a little longer. I am sure the swim warmed up your attitude a little. To see you enjoying yourself in the water warmed my heart some. It's still a bit frosty though.

The Old Man & LLLF

Waterspout said...


What does LLLF stand for? You got the first three right when I started using them.

Your Father,
The OLd Man

Eva's Mom said...

LLLF? I'll have to think about that. It's not ringing any bells. Lee La La Femme?

I think I now know where I get my sensitive ears. I went walk/running today. It was 50+ and I had to wear a hat. My ears hurt really bad if they get the least bit cold or wind blown. It takes hours for them to stop hurting. Well, maybe not hours, but a long time.

Eva's Mom said...

LLLF... LLLFather. long legged laughing father? long lost lego father? little .... hmmm....