Friday, May 22, 2009

Fancy Dinner

Ted and I are attending a formal attire fund raising dinner for the college tonight. I actually have a simple black dress, a string of pearls and the sparkly light blue shawl that Teddie wore to a prom. Only thing that is not formal will be my sandals!! Dinner does not even begin till 9:30 pm downtown. Arthur is giving us a ride and we are sitting at his table. Gorgeous weather. Today I swam twice in one day. Big waterpolo tournament at the school this weekend. I am getting lazier and lazier with each passing day!! Loaded a book I hated on my kindle, The Reliable Wife. (Then, after reading 44 percent of it... I deleted it.) Read a really good book about domestic workers in the South in the 1960's. Help by Roberta Stockett.

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Josh & Teddie said...

I bet youll have an awesome time and eat some scrumptious foods! I was wondering when you would get around to posting again, Pam asked me when you were going to post again, so others are reading too!