Tuesday, December 9, 2008


It is only 9:30 am and already the driveway and front walkway have been shoveled twice. About 7" this time and it is supposed to continue thru the day and night. Maybe 12" when it's all done. This is one snowy place!!!


Deb Kaz said...

Yikes! Don't hurt your back! That's what you definitely don't need.

The snow is not going anywhere. Take your time.

Eva's Mom said...

snow! snow! snow!

Anonymous said...

wish we had some snow... I don't mind shoveling. Well, maybe not twice before 10. Be careful to not hurt your back. You still want to go to Greece, and we need you back here. Your class is crazy:) and a handful, but a bright bunch!
You are such a good mom to help out and bond with your granddaughter. Wish I had a mom like that. Henny

Eva's Mom said...

She is the best mom, ever!