Saturday, December 20, 2008


Am sitting in the Middleton Library, alone. Ahhhh. Kevin and Jesse surprised Evelyn and me just as we were getting ready top throw birdseed out the back door. What a welcome surprise. Turns out their cell phone died so they couldn't call to let us know they were on their way. I have 40 more minutes till I need to return home so that Kevin can get back to Milwaukee. Jesse will stay in Middleton till Monday when she will return with Kevin and Evelyn. They are settled at the Ronald McDonald House in Milwaukee. We had a huge snowstorm that left 10 " of snow everywhere. I shoveled for 2 hours, but luckily two neighbors stepped up and finished the job. I met more people while I was out shoveling than at any other time. Baby Oliver was born on Dec. 15 and is doing well. Check out Jesse's blog for more info. He is scheduled for surgery on my father's 89th B-day, Dec. 24. Evelyn will return to Middleton on Monday with her great aunt, who will be returning from N. Wisconsin. Shuffling of bodies. Evelyn was ecstatic to see her mama and I'm sure after 6 weeks of hospital living Jesse is relieved to be home. Hope to post some photos when I get home. Am going upstairs now to get a fresh supply of 3 year old reading material and then on to a local cheese store where I'm going to treat myself to a chunk of cranberry chipolte cheddar.


Deb Kaz said...

I'm happy you got some time to yourself! Cranberry chipotle cheddar - you go girl!

Waterspout said...

good for you