Saturday, December 6, 2008


When I retired I decided to look into playing a musical instrument that would be portable and that my stiff fingers could manage. Everything obvious was out of the question because my right fingers don't bend very well. I finally decided that the dulcimer would suit my needs. y right hand only strums, the left one does the picking. I went on line and was overwhelmed trying to figure out what type of dulcimer to get. I had no idea what to do and spoke to some musical friends of mine. No one was much help. Not many dulcimer players in Wakefield. But whenever I spoke to someone I'd let them know what I was planning. Jesse told me that Aunt Mary played guitar with a little group at the Barneveld Library and the group included a dulcimer player. To make a long story short... The very helpful librarian at Barneveld gave me a one hour start up lesson on the dulcimer AND let me borrow one of her dulcimers. I am now practicing when Evelyn goes to bed and finding that YES.... I CAN PLAY AN INSTRUMENT! She even loaned me a book of songs, and recommended what type of instrument I should get. She was so helpful. The library was a 30 X 20 foot building..... Amazing what you may find in a small snow covered town in WI.


Kristin said...

I'm so excited! You'll have to invite me over when you get one so I can check it out! If you need any help learning how to read music (don't know if you already know how...) I'd be more than happy to help!

Deb Kaz said...

Fantastic - I'm jealous! I think the dulcimer suits you well.

Send me (via email) an address where I can mail you something.

I know you're freezing - I've been watching the weather. If it's any consolation, we started the day at 16 yesterday!

Waterspout said...

Music and a little girl to warm your heart and life.