Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year

By next year I should be able to smile and play at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Laurie learned to play the dradel...not sure of spelling but you did great. I could see you cracking a smile or two and it made me laugh. Thanks for the chuckle! Hope you are enjoying a little time with Jessie. BYW-Whose version of pachabel plays on your music list. SJane

Waterspout said...

For some reason all I get is the words buffering and no music nor movement of the video. Oh well, I getting use to the little hang ups. Firist NAUI would not accept my pass word, which I had just used yesterday to pay my instructor fees, and I had to resort to a fallback pass word they had given me last time this happened and now NAUI is playing the lax game of posting my insurance and I am unable to get Chris registered. The lock to the revolving door broke and I have to latch it from inside. There were snow flurries. A dog slep on the first aid cot and left his fur all over it. The inside vacuum bags ripped and after ordering them the outside bags blew out. We were able to change the order to include both; but they may not arrive until after Pierce students arrive. The new (fourth or fifth) themostat for the air inside the bubble does not want to find set point. I could go on; but all is well. We have our health, and Oliver is gaining his, and our love. Gosh, I starting to sound like a mushy teenager, Heavens forbid. HOPE EVERYONE READING THIS AND THEIR FAMILIES ARE ENJOYING A WONDEROUS HOLIDAYS.

Waterspout said...

Well, tenacity wins out. Going back through the program finally got tthe docimer (sp) playing Lalee to play for me. Thanks, it seems like you are having fun. It may be a little had to travel with the instrument; but then you can just hum the tunes when you come over.

Deb Kaz said...

Oh - I am impressed! Nice work on the dulcimer - probably good for your hands, also - BONUS.

Happy New Year - I've been keeping up with the blog, sounds like Oliver is doing well.

Miss you - see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Good going Laurie! I'm impressed with your progress on playing the dulcimer. We got some snow here today but nothing compared to the snow and cold you are experiencing out there.
We've been following Oliver's progress and praying for him.
Happy New Year!


Kristin said...


Josh & Teddie said...

Nice job Mom, looks like your concentrating so hard that well you knwo! You might not have quite as exciting of a year this year as last year, but you can alwasy hope!

Kevin said...

Evelyn watched the dulcimer video and said, "let's make a comment about that."

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Evelyn: "that's my news"