Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shot in the Foot

Yesterday I had the dubious honor of being shot in the foot with .... a cortisone shot. After having gone through it.... I would not recommend it. I was at the podiatrist for a pre-op visit when he decided a shot might help him properly diagnose my foot problem. It burned going in, then about 20 minutes later I was crippled, walking from the car to the house. Spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with a cold pack on my foot. Pain subsided and in the morning everything felt better... so he cancelled my surgery which was scheduled for tomorrow. At first he thought I had a lipoma (fatty deposit) on my foot.. now he thinks it might be nerve entangelment with surrounding tissue inflammation. I am relieved because recovery would have robbed me of 4 precious weeks at my beach. He will try some alternative treatments before surgery is rescheduled... if it ever is.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you are feeling better. sjane

Josh & Teddie said...

THeo and I are sure glad you stayed home Thursday, he says thank you for his new toys!