Friday, June 13, 2008

Sixty Minute Escape

John had to work at BK last night so I picked up a friend of his and the two of us spent from 5 to 6 pm near lifeguard chair 5 last night. Few people. I forget that the body to body business really begins around July 4th. Slight wind, fewer waves than Wednesday. Still exhilarating to dive through cold and slick my hair back with salty water. Unfortunatly visit was short, hopefully tonight we'll watch the sun set. At 9:00 pm my favorite surprise visitor arrived, dragging his bike into the house. Today, while I'm at work, he'll ride the 2 miles to enjoy the water, too. See what you're all missing!!!

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Josh & Teddie said...

Hey, I thought your favorite surprise visitor was showing up today sometime around 7ish??!?!? Altho I guess when Theo comes its not usually a surprise, hooray for Jeff!Hopefully he'll still be there when we arrive!