Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Wish I was writing about chocolate, but am referring to my last day today as a full time employee of the Pier School. Thirteen years have blown by, filled with contented hours watching middle schoolers running around the playground, boys chasing girls and girls shrieking in delight, tetherballs coming untied and flying across the lawn, soccer balls soaring on the roof, and the sounds of pure happiness filling my space. Every year there were annual magical moments, too. In spring dragon flies buzzed so close I saw their stained glass wings. In fall brilliant orange and yellow leaves glowed against the clear blue sky. In winter, when no one else wanted to go outside, I zipped up my coat, pulled on my gloves, and felt lucky to have such a job. I loved my job.... With great melancholy I moved through the day, shocked that I was old enough to retire!

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Josh & Teddie said...

congratulations! We are glad your retiring, much more time to play with the little man!