Saturday, June 21, 2008

Full House

Last night, once Josh arrived at 1:00 am from his week long business trip, there were 7 people in our house. Quite a flurry of activity around the bathroom once every one woke up. Transplanted more rhubarb today, a hefty chunk that came from a friend's great-grandmother. Now I have two varieties thriving in homemade compost. I can freeze the bite sized maroon pieces (uncooked) and make rhubarb crisp year round.... Barbara Kingsolver will be proud!! Went to Narragansett Beach at 5:00 by myself. Windy, but managed three good rides on mediocre waves. Will sleep with a wet wash rag draped over my foot. Not quite as crowded tonight as Theo and his parents are gone.

1 comment:

Josh & Teddie said...

we miss you.... I know you wish we were still there. Hope the foot continues to improve!