Friday, May 2, 2008

Unexpected Events

After strolling on the harbor we headed up a main street, thronged with people, to find a place to eat. Not an eay task with so many choices. On the way we saw the beautiful church of Agios Titos with what looked like a wedding party. It was 7 pm. We sat down to watch. Standing on the steps of this ancient and beautiful structure was a handsome young man in a dark suit, with a bouquet of white roses. As the guests arrived they would go up on the steps, greet the happy fellow with a kiss on each cheek, and have their photo taken with him. There was a big plaza in front of the church and lots of other uninvited guests were watching and taking pictures, too. There were two boys even kicking a soccer ball around, until the bearded priest shooed them away. We chatted with a young couple who explained what was happening. The woman explained that the bride is traditionally late for her own wedding, to build a bit of suspense. Eventually, around 730, we heard honking and the photographers ran to the street. More suspense. By then the hundred or so guests had lined up on either side of the church steps in a two single lines, stretching toward the road. The bride's mother ran forward, adjusted her gown, then her brother escorted her across the immense plaza to her waiting husband to be. All the while the guests were clapping. Eventually the throng followed the bride and groom into the church. We left feeling very happy!! Photos to follow when we return to Athens.

The other unexpected event was that we attended the opening night of an art show in an old basilica, on the same road as Agios Titos Church. Was fun to see the art, but I wa unimpressed. Every painting related to fish. Still it was fun to see the inside of the basilica.

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Josh & Teddie said...

SOunds like a nice wedding.... When do you go back to Athens?