Friday, May 2, 2008

Scenes from the Heraklion Harbor

These were posted for Evelyn and Ted.

This is the view from the lighthouse at the end of the breakwater walkway in Heraklion.

This is the view half way down the breakwater walkway. Click to see how long this really was.

Last night we strolled down to the Venetian Fort, a reminder of when the Venetians ruled the area. A great place to walk. We had no idea there was a walkway or breakwater past the fort and ended up walking for two hours, past boats, cruise ships, and lots of other walkers. Most of the men we passed were twirling their worry beads! (As many Greek men of all ages do) Once we reached the end of this more modern walkway we were near the airport and were shocked at the number of planes taking off and landing. About every three minutes. Also spent quite a bit of time watching a tiny PILOT boat do it's job as the humongous cruise ships pulled out of the harbor. Photos to follow.

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