Friday, May 2, 2008

Knosses, Crete

This was my favorite shot of Knossos, because it showed the surrounding countryside, which was all agricultural.

Once we registered at the Irini, we got on a local bus that goes to the ancient site of Knosses. Most of the people boarding at the beginning of the run were Germans, with cameras and tour books in hand. Bus picked up local passengers along the way and was crowded by the time we arrived at the site 30 minutes later. My sister in law had given me a book two years ago called The Find of a Lifetime. It told the story of Sir Arthur Evans, a British gentleman who excavated and partially restored Knosses from 1900 - 1930. I read the book two weeks ago and was thrilled to be visiting the site. I also studied it long ago as an Art History major. What a site. Buildings built by the Minoans in 1500 BC. Jam packed with tourists, but the site is so big, that we did not feel like we were in a mob. The land outside the site has been preserved and made for a gorgeous setting. Took local bus back to Iraklion. Watch for photos when I find time, maybe Monday.

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Anonymous said...

You are ending your trip with a bang! Everything sounds fascinating and beautiful - very envious!

Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday evening. Love, DK