Friday, May 2, 2008

Agia Peligia

Menus were posted outside each taverna. This one was posted in 6 languages. This was a vacation spot for people from all over Europe. We heard lots of German and Swedish being spoken.
Beach at Agia Peligia. Boardwalk area was filled with Tavernas.

Our apartment in Agia Peligia

View from the highway of Agia Peligia.

We departed from Hania yesterday at 800 am from the KTEL bus station which was 6 blocks from our hotel. Our desination lay somewhere past Rethymon on the Northern Cretan coast. The bus trip was not quite the type we imagined. It did not stop at the local villages, rather on the side of the highway. Our ticket read Agia Pelagia, which was what we wanted. It is a resort right on the water. Only problem was that we were dropped 3 km. from the resort on the highway at the top of a hill. Down we went, dragging our suitcases behind us. Narrow road. An older gentleman from Cyprus walked down with us. We were hot when we arrived at 230 pm. Next order of business was to find a hotel or apt or room... We got lucky and stayed at a very picturesque apartment. It had 2 balconies, a kitchenette, a swimming pool and was very quiet. One block from the beach and the dive shop. The best surprise was the price 30 euros, or about 45 dollars. We relaxed on the beach, which was crowded up till about 430 pm. Once the beach cleared out, I swam in the sea. Had a nice dinner of Cretan food, at a taverna right on the sea.

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Josh & Teddie said...

That sounds wonderful, even the wallk. I bet it was super hot, lucky it was only like 1.5 miles...