Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sweeping Water

At least it's not snow.... When we get heavy rains one of the drains in the patio gets jammed up. Usually my dad gets a pump and drains it that way. I convinced him to let me sweep it into the pool after we had lowered the water level. It did the trick. These recent storms remind me of springtime ones in RI. Fast and furious. I'm all decked out because it continued to rain as I swept. Tomorrow I go to Qi Gong in the morning aned Oriental Brush Painting in the afternoon. I haven't been swimming much as the storms include lightening/thunder.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful world it is with all these people and their different likes. I would hate to have that much rain, any time of the year. At this time of the year, I would rather have snow.
Glad you have having such a wonderful time.

Josh & Teddie said...

WOW! Thats a lot of rain you got! We haven't gotten that much since last spring!