Monday, January 11, 2010

More Friends from the Past

The day began at 7:30 am when my nephew came to eat breakfast with us. He works nearby and often stops by. From 8 - 8:30 I walked Bingo. At 9:10 I drove my father to an appointment, arriving home at 10:45, just in time to swim 50 laps at Rinconada and shower before my friends picked me up at 1:00. We had a great time and the food was wonderful. (Ted, you should recognize the gal on the right!!) I arrived home at 3:20... then walked the dog again at 4:15. Somewhere in there I also registered for a Tai Chi class on Thursdays. Big storm expected tomorrow... lucky for me it only involves rain.


Josh & Teddie said...

Wow looks like your catching up with everyone! Fun times, we'll see you in 8 weeks!

Waterspout said...

Mind must be gone; cause I don't remember anyone in that picture!

The Old Old Man