Friday, January 29, 2010

Death of the Pie in the Sky Press

Tomorrow is the big day. Adam is coming from Santa Cruz to move the 1,000 lb. printing press and type case that have been in my father's store room for 30 years. I've spent many hours cleaning out the room so it will go smoothly. Adam is bringing two burly guys with him and we have 2" pipes to roll it out the door. It will be a tight squeeze... we may have to remove the door frame... Years ago Ted & I ran the "Pie in the Sky Press out of our home in Arcata, California. Adam and his wife are excited to print and we are thrilled that someone bought it who will use it. This posting is dedicated to Lewis Pryor, the gentleman who taught me all I know about letterpress printing.


Josh & Teddie said...

hope everything went smoothly, its nice to know it will still be in use!

Waterspout said...


The Old Man & L.L.L.