Saturday, September 26, 2009

No More Birthdays

While unwrapping my two pink and white cosmetic boxes I made a shocking discovery. I was so tired when the skin lady was massaging my face that I didn't really listen to her... I just liked the way my face felt when she was done and bought the products. If you want to stay forever young I recommend you contact a Lierac consultant immediatly. The first product I bought was Concentre Mesolift, a toning radiance serum with vitamin C. The second one was Creme Mesolift, an "Anti-Aging Radiance Cream that energizes, replumps and illuminates" (face only... no replumping of missing or sagging body parts!) Now that I have such a product .... all of my future birthdays are cancelled. I'm getting younger... just like Benjamin Button. P.S. Jane, I'm not going to post a photo. Just look at my baby pictures.

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Deb Kaz said...

What! I go away for a week and you lose your mind??? I'm with Ted - beautiful the way you are, but I guess there's always room for improvement. I NEVER thought I'd be buying products based on recommendations from LB . . . what next?? Plastic surgery, collagen injections??