Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Drove to Cranston today to visit my 99 year old card playing friend, Mollie. Everyone should be blessed to know someone with her spunk and charm. She leaves Saturday to spend the winter in Florida, so this was our final chance to visit. Luckily her daughter led me back to Route 2, winding through the parking lot of Garden City Mall. ( I would never have made it otherwise.) Stopped by Trader Joes in Warwick on my way home and ate 2/3 of an entire bag of orange chicken for dinner. It was delicious. This is the first day I noticed leaves beginning to change along 138. A couple more cold nights and it will be fantastic!


Waterspout said...

Mollie is a wonderful friend for my dear wife and will be missed
while she is in Florida.

The Old Man

Josh & Teddie said...

No, we do not want anymore cold nights...I don't want to hear that garbage, you are going off to CA and leaving the rest of us in the cold. Not sure your parents don't want some more extended visitors!?!?!? LOL, jk