Friday, September 18, 2009

Lost in a Maze

First half of my day at the local HS was fine because kids were good. Second half left me exhausted and vowing never to step foot in the institution. One guy refused to do the work, (no big deal) but refused to give me his i-phone and kept texting and listening to music. I knew I should call the vice principal, but there were no phone numbers anywhere and I couldn't leave the room. Not to mention the fact that I was at least 1/4 mile up and down hallways and stairs from the office. The last class of the day was a doozey. One student went to sleep. Another set an alarm on the nearby stove and told me it was a fire alarm. ( I caught that pretty quick.) Another male refused to sit down and kept wandering all over the room. A second male told me he didn't have to do work because he was a senior... and "seniors don't do work." I pretty much tried to ignore them while trying to maintain order. When I left the classroom I felt like an oddity, because all of the students were bigger than me, or so it seemed. Never was I so glad to get outta there. When I got to my car I noticed a pink half sheet tucked under the wiper. "This car is not registered with the office and will be towed at your expense." It was signed by the vice-principal that I needed earlier. Of course, no one told me I had to park in a specific spot. That school is off my list!! (And we didn't even cook!!)

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Deb Kaz said...

I guess you are definitely not cut out for the high school crowd! I had a similar response when I subbed in 1st grade - went home and went to bed - never did primary grades again. It's good to know your limits - at our age, why put up with stuff that is aggravating!