Sunday, February 22, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

Highlight of yesterday was going over to Grandma B's to visit Great Aunt Mary, who was visiting from the frozen tundra of Wisconsin. Other family members had the same idea and Teddie and I got to see long lost cousins and in laws. Aunt Cindy and Uncle Dan brought Danielle and Charles down and Andy and his two boys were there. As we were buckling Theo in the car sea Aunt Victoria and her daughter drove up. It had been over 10 years since they had seen Teddie and no one, including Mary had ever seen Theo. We had a great time and Teddie posted some great photos from our time there. On my side of the family we have already seen Uncle Mike and Patty, Uncle Matt and his family, and Jane, Darryl and Jeff. Theo has been quite the little flirt and very friendly to everyone. Today we walked the dog at 7:00 am, had visitors at 10:30 am, went to Grandma's again from 12-2:30, and were at Matt and Robin's for a delicious dinner by 5:15. Not an easy task when you have a one year old. He never did take an afternoon nap, but fell asleep in the carseat on the way home. Intermittent rain all day continuing for the next few days.

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Waterspout said...

It is very good that you all seem to be enjoying your "whirlwind weekend." In fact "it makes me smile," as big Martha use to say. I hope the weather doesn't dampen things too much. May be it helps cause folks would rather stay inside with baby Theo, oh, I got that wrong, with the little man Theo. Hope this trip prepares all for their trip to Greece. Have a very nice time.

The Old Man & LLL