Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ran errands all day, in preparation for trip on Friday. Two different banks, post office, grocery store, HR Block, two visits to the insurance agent and a six month cleaning at the dentist. (Oddly enough I did NOT go to the dump!) What amazes me is that everyting I need to go to is within 1 and a half miles of my back door. The day was so full of sunlight that I walked to the dentist, meeting up woith Teddie and Theo at Wakefield School's playground. The first time I relaxed was when I lay in the dentist's chair, reflecting on the town that I have grown to call my own. I could see the American flag waving in the treetops as I felt the hygenist scrapping away. I re-warded myself for a "no cavity" visit by going to the consignment shop and purchasing LOTS of new clothes/shoes for my upcoming trips. (Lots of black for Greece.) Hopefully I can talk Teddfie into taking photos of some of them.

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Waterspout said...

Your on the go girl.

The Old man