Friday, October 12, 2012

Visiting Teacher Extraordinaire

 On Wednesday afternoon my visiting teacher called with an interesting/fun sounding opportunity.
She and her husband had recently visiting a Cheesmaking Historical Site in Monroe, WI and discovered that the vivacious director was trying to meet a goal of having a visitor from each of the 50 states visit her spot before the season ended in late October.   Guess what was the one state they were missing???  It will be obvious when you look at this post.  I was treated like royalty as I stepped in the door of this restored train depot/turned museum on Thursday.  The director, Donna, (on the right) had told her board of this goal.  It had never been met since the museum opened in 1995.  A newspaper photographer was there to take photos, gifts of locally made cheese were given to us, and we were treated to lunch at Turner Hall, a most unque place.  As we drove home we passed through the town square and its' imposing/gorgeous Courthouse.  My next post will include photos I snapped of it out the car window.  Ted and I will definitely return to Monroe, WI.  Do I have the best visiting teacher, or what???  Thank you, Carolyn for a fun filled day.
Here I am standing in a copper kettle that was used for cheesemaking.  It held over 1000 lbs of milk.
As we drove thru Monroe we noticed one being used as a planter.
 My hair did NOT look as bad as this photo makes it seem!!!  The board behind me had some light areas, I guess???

 I had been looking for a small wooden cutting board and found this gorgeous one (shaped like Wisconsin) in the gift shop.  Now you Rhode Islanders can see why Wisconsonites say that their state is shaped like a mitten!!!

 A lady in my water exercise class told me to be sure to get the cheese above.  It was included in my gift basket,
 The only limburger made in the US is this one!!!
Every town in WI seems to have a brewery.... lucky for me they don't just make beer!!!  All of the cheeses in my gift basket were made in Green County,  They used to have over 220 private cheesemaking companies.  Now there are only a handful.

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Josh & Teddie said...

How awesome! I'd love to go to a cheese factory! See you in 7 days!