Thursday, September 27, 2012

What is it????

Unaltered photos of the strangest plant?? fungus??? whatever?? that I have ever seen... growing in the flower garden in California.  It breaks through the dirt and attracts flies and yellowjackets.  It had a bad odor.  I know at least two scientists who read this blog... HELP!!!  This is an alien plant.  It is very weird.


Gerald said...

I think it is the fungus Clathus ruber. Interesting! Check out this web site:


Laurie Boyett said...

Thank you, Carol. I have NEVER seen anything quite like it and am glad to know it is not unique to my parents yard.

Eva's Mom said...

There was another patch of these off of Alma in Menlo Park. I watched for them every year! I thought they were fascinating.