Thursday, June 28, 2012

WI Apt. Gardening sans dirt (in the ground)

One cucumber plant that will hopefully climb over the wire panel behind it, down the other side, then sprawl on the hedge.  Maybe the hungry rabbits will miss all the cucs.  Already I have critters digging holes in the pot.  Ted's job is to keep this lonely guy alive and happy!!!
These three pots are outside our living room in the back of the apt.  (You can see the wall for the underground driveway in the background.) In this gravely patch of no-dirt I have seen rabbits, baby bunnies, chipmunks and birds.  We'll see if the chicken wire around the pot on the left does any good in detering  them. 

Another way to plant in a container.  This planter is the same shape as a bag of manure, except that it has three openings on the top and drain holes on the bottom.  Not sure if this will survive all the hungry four footed friends.

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