Friday, September 3, 2010


After spending a wonderful morning at Roger Wheeler State Beach yesterday Teddie and the kids returned to our home. We set up the wading pool to desand Theo. Was hot out and he enjoyed the water. In the process I brought my camera out and took a few pics. Then I put the camera down in the flower garden for safekeeping while I either turned the faucet off, got another chair, wiped Theo's face or held Ava. Today I found the camera case, but it was empty, so I began to search the house. No where to be found. Ted joined the search and said, "You had it outside, you know." Guess where he found it.... Unfortunatly it was out there while the first downpour from Earl saturated us..... Maybe I'll get a new camera with a bigger screen!!! (Or maybe the wet one will work after it dries out.)

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