Friday, September 3, 2010

Hurricane Earl

This morning I went to the wall to look at the waves. At 9:00 the sun was still able to break thru the clouds. Waves were huge with lots of surfers looking like raisins in the water. By chance I met a friend and the two of us walked thru the S. Pavillion onto the beach. A forklift was removing all the lifeguard chairs, but lifeguards were in uniform with rescue gear waiting on the porch, just in case. By the time we turned around at the North Pavillion the sky had darkened. The sun was gone. We returned walking the wall back toward the Towers. Traffic was building, gawkers were everywhere and Channel 10 was stationed by the boarded up Coast Guard House. Half way to the Pier the rain began. Torrential for only about 10 minutes. We stopped at my car to get the umbrella and continued to Pier 5. More big waves with surfers trying to catch them. Then... My friend and I were interviewed by WPRO 630 am.... I have no idea if the blurb was aired or not...but it was fun to be interviewed. More rain expected tonight... but we are ready with our new rain barrel and numerous downspouts directing water to the street. No more flooded basements for us.


Artsdeco said...

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LaLee said...

What no pictures. Cameras all wet! Need to carry it with you all the time. There always seems to be pictures you want to take.

Guess who??????