Thursday, October 15, 2009

44 Years ago

Forty-four years ago I lifeguarded at Rinconada Pool, a public pool two blocks from my parents house. Fifty-four years ago, as a six year old, I learned to swim there. Today I walked thru the open gate that surrounds the pool, paid $2.00 for a senior swim ticket, jumped back in the deep end, and swam half a mile. The water was 10 degrees warmer than my parent's pool and felt perfect. Some things remained the same... the towering redwoods , the brown wooden slatted fence, and the feel of the water. Other things had changed. There is no waist high fence between the two pools, the overflows had been replaced and the boards, oh.... the long standing three meter dive tower is gone as are the two platforms that we guarded from... I will return tomorrow.


Waterspout said...

What joy, what happiness you are rediscovering.


Anonymous said...

Take your camera next time. I'd like to see a photo of the pool. It's hard to imagine a pool with redwood trees around it. It must be beautiful.