Friday, March 6, 2009


iYes, I did arrive in HI. Has not been sunny, mostly cloudy and extremely windy. No one has ever seen such winds this time of year. Big question..Have I gone in the ocean?? Yes, twice. Swam back and forth looking at blue and yellow fish swimming below. In fact I wrote some haiku about it, but they are at the hale and I am not. Having a great time with my parents relaxing and eating. We did drive with a friend of theirs to Hawi and had lunch at a funky restaurant, Bamboo. Even the toilet seat was funky!!! A little brighter today. Maybe the sun will peek out. Sorry I haven't figured out how to post pictures. This is a mac. Aloha.

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Deb Kaz said...

You are the bomb! Good girl - going in and enjoying. Have fun, relax, eat.