Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sept. 17, 2013

Was shocked to find that I was the only swimmer in the water at NTB today at 4:30. (there was also ONE surfer) It was fairly warm in Wakefield but blustery and cold at the beach.  I almost didn't go in, but figured I should since I had my suit on.  It was warmer in the water than out.  Once I got out I was freezing and left to go home right away.  Hopefully I'll be able to swim again in the next few days, as the weatherman says it's supposed to be nice.
Every year about this time I get panic stricken knowing that my days for swimming at the beach are numbered.

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Carol said...

Know that feeling about the last day at the beach. We went to NTB on Sunday Sept 22. The water was still a reasonable temperature. There were a lot of surfers and some swimmers. That may have been my last day since the air temperature has barely hit 70 this week.