Friday, July 5, 2013

International Crane Foundation - Wisconsin

Hint:  Click to enlarge some of the smaller photos. 

 The property had numerous trails, but since it was 90 out we only hiked a little.
 The figures in the middle of this photo are actually fake people, but from a distance it looked like a real group of scientists!!! 
 Another picture of a scientist banding a crane... pretty realistic, no??
 We saw 15 different varieties of cranes.  The docent was a college intern and very well informed.  Tour was 2 hours long!!!
 mural at ICF

Another fake person.  This one represents a Chinese scientist who is trying to protect cranes in her country.  The ICF is a non profit group that has it's headquarters in WI, only an hour north of us.  We were both impressed with the work they do to save cranes worldwide from extinction.  The grounds were beautiful, tour was very informative, and we bought a year long membership.  We hope to return in the fall.

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