Saturday, June 22, 2013

Two of Three Projects

 Using pastels, our first project was to take a shell and draw it.  It was a lot harder than it seemed.  This was an introductory class, but it was apparent that the participants had had previous training.

For our last project we blocked in the backround with turpenol/pastels and then added detail.  I'm only showing 4 of the nine works.  Guess which one is mine.  (I wish I could say that I did the water scene, but I did not!!)  You are not seeing the second project because mine looked like a third grader did it!!  Hint:  Jane, I used a photo you sent me to work from.


Josh & Teddie said...

You did the rock formation

Eva's Mom said...

bottom left

LaLee said...

Guess again, Jesse!!