Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Time Travel

Not sure if it was last night or this morning... but in the last 12 hours, as I was watching the news..(waiting for the weather) a story came up which tugged at my heart.  Steve Job's home was broken into.  The news showed the side of his house that I saw many times as I stood in Grandma B's driveway.... then it flashed on the black and white street sign tilted just so so you could read the names of the two streets his house sat on.  The same corner I have had an emotional attachment to for over 40 years...  It was very strange for me to sit in my living room 3,000 miles away and see  "Waverley/Santa Rita" flash across the screen.  For a brief moment I was on G's front porch, baking in the sun, the jade plant on my right, the bamboo on my left, gazing at the poppies in full bloom across the street.

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