Friday, December 16, 2011

Can't Believe it!!!

Am returning to Wisconsin tomorrow. This was not a scheduled trip but Ted's surgery was much more complex than we imagined. It took three hours. Both the flexor and the extender on his left index finger were severed and had to be attached by a hand surgeon. It is difficult for him to do much with his left hand so.... I am returning. Not sure how long I'll be there. I am actually looking forward to spending Christmas with Ted and celebrated by buying myself a new Lands End parka that is rated to minus 20. I'll need it. I took my father to renew his driving license today. He passed the written test with flying colors. The driving test will be in February.


Josh & Teddie said...

YAY! Hope you have an easy flight!

Deb Kaz said...

Wow! What happened? Hope everything goes well.