Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Record Rainfall

The weatherman informed us tonight that we had broken a 100 year old RI record for rainfall in March. Providence received 9 inches of rain in the last 31 hours and the town next to us received 7.75". Every river/stream in the state is overflowing and ready to flood. Most schools were closed today because roads were impassable. I spent the last 7 hours wet vacing the basement and trying to keep up with the steady water that seeps through the cracks of our 80 year old field stone foundation. John has been a big help as have a couple of people who stopped by to assist us. Once the wet vac is filled we dump it into buckets, tote it up the stairs, and dump it in the toilet. (There is no drain/sink in the basement) I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight.....

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