Saturday, February 13, 2010

Peninsula Creamery

I took my dad to lunch at a eatery in PA that's been around since 1923 - Peninsula Creamery. Unfortunatly I forgot my camera, but my father and I sat on red leather stools at the counter and watched an employee do nothing but make milkshakes... one of the Creamery's signature items. It was jam packed. My father remarked that he remembered coming here in 1937 as a freshman at Stanford. "Things look the same," he said, "except for the prices." After lunch I worked in the vegetable garden in 60 plus weather, weeding , ripping out bok choy and planting peas. Also watered the 4 rhubarb plants that I put in last week. After walking the dog at 4:30 I went to Rinconada and had a quick swim. The weather is incredible!!! Weatherman says it should be in the mid 60's all week. Yeah for NO SNOW!


Josh & Teddie said...

Don't worry, if your lucky when you get back it will blizzard for you!

Waterspout said...

And a good time was had by the gal!


Deb Kaz said...

You are going to be bored when you return to 'Lil Rhody! Oh wait - Teddie has something planned to keep you busy - I forgot!

Enjoy your last few weeks in CA.

Eva's Mom said...

I shoveled this morning.