Friday, December 4, 2009

Trader Joes x 3

Today was the grand opening of Trader Joes in Palo Alto. At 10:00 am I went to do some quick shopping and was disgusted that the high school kids from acrosss the street at my old HS were swarming everywhere. (Weren't they supposed to be in class???) Then around 7 pm my brother Mike and I stopped by so he could have a look. Because it sells lots of wine, it is much bigger than the store in Warwick, but the RI murals are much better . At 7:45 my dad and I took a quick tour of the store. By then the band out front had stopped playing and there were no lines. This store is a 4 minute drive from my folks. Very convenient... and a gallon of skim milk came pretty close to the 2.50/gallon price I Paid last year in WI. Went out to lunch with an old high school friend and saw grandma B. today. P.S. The raspberries that I've been working so hard to thin and transplant have white root rot.... a disease that takes two years to clear up. So half of the bed will be torn up and replanted with rhubarb!! The other half will stay the same with diseased berries.

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