Saturday, August 16, 2008


Running the 100 meter dash with 10 meters to go. Teddie, Josh, and Theo will be moving in with us in three weeks. She and I are attacking her closet at the moment, throwing out math, spanish and biology folders/notes from 1998. This is good. Of course there will be plenty to fill up the space... Josh has been offered a job in Groton, Ct, an hour closer to us, so he will commute. Will be great as I leave in 4 weeks for CA. Foot does not like the stairs.... still recovering. Doctor said it will be a while.... No more crutches are big black shoes. House is mighty quiet with Evelyn gone. No more dancing on the coffee table or drinking toof acid. We miss her and the two adults who take such good care of her. Thanks for visiting us.

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