Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rainbow Chicken Chili

Easy crock pot meal made by Teddie and Josh this past weekend. I was hoping there would be some left for you, Jesse, but it is disappearing.... fast. Will be a great recipe for this week since Belmonts has chicken breasts for 1.99/lb through Friday.
Dump 1" pieces of cut up chicken breasts, drained cans of black, red and white beans, and two jars or more of salsa into a crock pot. Turn on high till chicken is cooked. May need to be stirred a couple times during cooking. When ready to eat top with broken corn tortillas and grated cheese. You could also add chopped olives, corn, green onions, or edamame beans depending on how colorful you want your rainbow to be.
Thanks for sharing your recipe, T & J. It was good.

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Josh & Teddie said...

It is my favorite meal I think...