Thursday, July 14, 2011

Looks Like a Radish??

The other day I was thinning out the swiss chard and came across these radishes... or so I thought. The leaves didn't have that sharp taste that a radish leaf does but the red part sure looked like a radish, no?? After slicing the little devils I discovered that they were an heirloom beet that I'd forgotten I'd even planted. I ate a few raw thinking it was no big deal. About an hour later I felt like my throat had been rubbed raw with caorse grained sandpaper. So I began trying to soothe the pain by eating spoonfuls of honey, yogurt, and ice water. Nothing helped. Yuck. I was miserable for one whole day and will never eat another raw immature beet again.


Anonymous said...

So sorry nut funny story!

Linda said...

looks like a raddish to me. How awful :-(